The education Section in the ZPCS currently caters for the education requirements of the inmates.  Plans are underway however, to place under the administration of ZPCS,six primary schools located in prison camps at Chikurubi, Harare Central, Whawha, Khami, Marondera and Connemara.

When prisoners are first admitted into prison, they are interviewed by Education Officer to ascertain their level of education and their educational needs.  The inmates are then categorized into three levels namely; primary school, secondary and tertiary.

  • Under the tutelage of qualified teachers each category is then catered for. The approach at primary level emphasizes basic literacy and numeracy and eventually prepares the inmates for grade 7 examinations
  • The approach at secondary level is such that it prepares the inmates for ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level examinations depending on the educational level of the inmates.

The approach at Tertiary level is such that it prepares inmates for the world of employment once they are out of prison. There are quite a number of institutions that offer long distance courses and arrangements are made with these to enable inmates to sit for examinations.