The Audit & Inspectorate Portfolio is mandated to examine, monitor, evaluate, and control activities within the Service.

It has the following sections under it;

  • Audit

Is to assess overall compliance with one or more regulations, internal policies and treasury instructions.

  • Inspectorate

ZPCS Inspectorate Section was established to aid on the supervision and control of the laid down operations by the ZPCS in prisons in Zimbabwe.

  • Information Technology Section

To spearhead the advancement of Information communication technologies in the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service by providing effective communication system

  •  Sports

To create a sustainable environment for sport and recreation delivery that promote access for all, excellence, social harmony, economic development and wellbeing of ZPCS officers and inmates.

  • Communications

Communications Section is responsible for the provision, procurement, maintenance, repair and coordination of all communication in the ZPCS. It is mandated to carry out planning and development of communication systems

  • Training Directorate

To ensure the development and equipping of members of staff with the right skills, expertise, knowledge and attitudes necessary for effective and efficient performance of their duties at different levels of our operations. It includes structured, unstructured, formal, informal methods of learning which may be carried out internally and externally as demanded by the circumstances and needs of the department, also taking into consideration the ever changing technological external environment.