The visiting conditions to the prisoners are as follows;

Visiting Hours are as from 09:00 to 15:00 hrs, for convicted Inmates it’s only applicable on Saturdays or Sundays, whilst for unconvicted is Monday to Friday. These hours are also applicable during the holidays.

Visit to Prisons is open to all on public holidays that includes independence, Christmas, New Year, Easter Holiday and Heroes Holidays and can bring food to friends and relatives in prisons throughout the country.

The introduction or use of any intoxicating liquor, dangerous drugs or weapons into any prison is strictly prohibited.

NB: Visitors must bring National ID or Valid Passport or Valid Driver’s Licence.


Procedure on Visits

Visitors to Foreign Nationals shall first apply through the Embassy of the Foreign National who is in custody. The Embassy will then on behalf of the visitor apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a consular visit is then processed to Prisons and Correctional Service Headquarters who will then inform the Officer in Charge of the approval.