Administration Portfolio

The major focus of the Portfolio is to handle all matters dealing with the inmates from their admission to prison up to their discharge including records maintenance, health care, up keep, public interaction, court attendance and general welfare of all the prisoners in the country’s institutions. The portfolio has the following sections;

Admin Section

The section deals with the management of prisons and the welfare of prisoners.

  1. Health Directorate

Mandate: Provide, administer, coordinate, promote, and advocate for the provision of equitable and acceptable quality Health Services and Care to prison population as follows;

  • inmates,
  • serving and retired correctional officers and their dependents.

ZPCS has 4 hospitals that care for inmates;

  • Chikurubi Maximum
  • Harare Central,
  • Khami Maximum

There two hospitals that care for staff and their dependents which are Chikurubi and Khami Complex Staff Hospitals.

Every prison has a clinic for inmates and a dependent’s clinic.

2. Procurement

For the procurement of goods and services for the ZPCS

Requirements for supplying goods and services to the ZPCS

Any supplier who wishes to supply to the ZPCS should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Registration with the State Procument Board(SPB)
  • Valid Vendor Number
  • Evaluation Certificate by the ZPCS tracking team

Tender Prcedures

  • Formal Tenders
  • Informal Tenders
  • Competitive bidding
  • Direct Purchases
  • PPPs and Joint Ventures

3. Transport

Solely responsible for organising and transporting officers, inmates, goods and services from source to destination.

4. Public Relations


Public Relations Section is responsible for the establishment and sustenance of mutual understanding with internal and external publics by implementing planned and effective communication strategies.

Public Relations Activities

  • monitor public opinion regarding the service or particular issues and respond to enquiries from the public, media and other organizations.
  • develop and implement communication strategies for the service and advise management on communication issues and strategies.
  • conduct internal communication courses, workshops and media training as well as Plan, develop and manage brand identity